Kosher Sprouts and Salad Store 

Note from the CEO

Spreads n sprouts is the first company of its kind , putting your health first and profits second.
Businessmen who put profits over our health flood the food industry. Many companies do target marketing, fancy labels, write all the catch words making a product seem healthy to the consumer, zooming in on one healthy aspect forgetting about the rest. This is harming too many people. This always bothered me, and I went on a journey to do something about it.

After doing years of research on what the body really needs and why people get so sick, I thought of a strategy to move forward . I created a protocol that was a success for my own healing (autoimmune ) , and replicated and tailored it  for many others. I have traveled the world helping clients thrive through healing,  all at their own pace . I was more then happy living in a penthouse in Tsfat, Israel doing my wonderful work. however i had thier burning desire to I want to bring real healing to the masses, not just for high profile individuals that can afford it .... - hence Spreads N Sprouts was born. The food Company that brings what I like to call " Healing food for your body ".

     I worked as a private chef, and I've managed a very high end food establishment. I realized that when you make a product high end, you can charge a premium. Now most businessmen take advantage of that to maximize profits, however I've seen this as an opportunity to truly help people. In a regular takeout, there is no possible way to use the highest quality organic ingredients, it's just to expensive, however if you make a premium product you have the ability to use those Healing ingredients. (yes if you choose to do so you will make less profit , however that's speaks to me more then any money)

"I'm putting my heart sweat and tears
in this company and I have no doubt with God's help and your support
A true change and difference will be made."

- Abraham Schwartz                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Note from the ceo