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 Could you believe this? Orthorexia

     A question was published in a very well-known Jewish magazine last year. It was a CBT question, a mother was getting worried about her daughter. It started with her daughter reading some health books, and a few months later the daughter stopped eating a lot of food at the house. It's important to note that I am very aware of the possibility of people becoming fanatics, and developing real disorders that need to be treated. The issue here is that the mother clearly stated that isn't the case with her daughter. The mother was just concerned how the daughter stopped eating the bread she had at home, (totally understandable ) not because bread is something bad, but the TYPE of bread can be a world of a difference.

           The CBT ( Cognitive behavioral therapist )responds by telling the mother she's right to be concerned, her daughter may be suffering from Orthorexia, you can't make this stuff up. Orthorexia is an obsession with health, where people want to feel healthy, pure, and natural. Unbelievable this became a condition. I made a video about this last year that went viral. The CBT goes on saying that her daughter is being extreme, and quotes Chazal - you should be " b'derech emtzoi " in the middle, balanced, and never being extreme. The funny thing is I couldn't agree more with Chazal (not that they need me to agree), the question is, how does he know what is extreme and what isn't extreme? and what is the middle? because according to the medical field, people will either be getting heart disease, cancer or diabetes, that's the new normal. May I ask who wants to be normal? I think we all understand, we don't want that normal. Anything that isn't normal is labeled extreme? Not only is that not very mature, but guys this is your life you have it all in your hands to make the right choices. Don't do it to yourself to call a healthy lifestyle extreme without researching it, there's too much at risk for you and your family.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I understand why some would have that impression regarding taking care of ones health, and refraining from some foods as extreme. i can tell you thats mostly comes from steriotypes as well as the confusion in the health feild today. with that said, through out the blog, my goal is to simplify things,and empower you, to melt away those steriotypes. if your convinced staying away from foods that are bad for the body is an exreme aproach- keep in mind - Just as before someone knows about  the Mitzvah of ציצת, they see men walking with strings hanging from their clothing. For some it looks cool, and for others, it may look a little interesting. But for those wearing it they are in seventh heaven and are so proud of what they are doing, it doesn't even enter their mind what others think -which is such a healthy approach. You know the joke, as a kid you don't think, at 20 years old you worried about what people think of you, at 30 you don't care anymore what they think, and at 40 you realize that a whole time no one was thinking of you they were busy looking at themselves and dealing with their lives a whole time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      There's a free weekly paper given out on the Torah portion every week, this past week covered Pinchas and the great thing he did. The paper spoke about how Pinchas showed his love for Hashem when he did this amazing thing, even though he put himself in a position of possible harm, and even death. The paper goes on and on to praise anyone who stands up for the right thing. How about people that heal their bodies with Hashem food, not just the educators. The best example is to live by example. There's a story with the Rebbe. Someone came to him and wanted to teach children Torah, the Rebbe said bring me a cup and fill it from this water bottle, the man starts pouring the water into the cup and is told to continue till it overflows, the Rebbe told him, do you understand the Nimshal? if you want to be a teacher the best way to do it is by living in a way that aligns with your values, and you will " Overflow " ,and shine. People will see what you do, and they will want to do it too!! Anyone who takes care of their body to get close to Hashem, to fulfill the Mitzvos, (even if some want to call it Orthorexia).HASHEM LOVES THEM AND WILL SHOWER BRACHOS ON THEM !!!!!