Sprouted Store & Health counseling

At Spreads N Sprouts, you receive confidential expert life and health coaching. In addition, we provide a selection of unique, delicious and nutritious products for all ages.  but where did it all start and why?

    Avrohom - known as " the Health Researcher ", has been active in the last few years making Klal Yisrael healthier. From working with all types of people, CEOs to great Rabbi's, young to old, and all over the world. Teaching others to live healthier lifestyles. Regardless of religion or prognosis, Avrohom has always been there.

      When Avrohom started to sell dips in 2018 to help people have healthy delicious options for the honor of shabbos, people were delighted. We are now expanding to a whole range of new dips and a lot more, to keep your mouth watering and your life vibrant.

         Avrohom spent thousands of hours in his studies over the years from Courses, Mentors and books. Trying to answer the questions we all have. Such as why are people so unhealthy with chronic disease? Is it possible we play a role through diet and lifestyle? And is it possible to prevent, or even reverse disease?

            Avrohom uses a Holistic approach by addressing the clients emotional ,physical health ,and everything in between. After healing his own autoimmune condition, and helping others with autoimmune diseases ,and other health conditions. Avrohom realized there's a formula that's the missing link why its so difficult for people to heal. Coaching has its place and can be very important . But there needs to be someone very knowledgeable about health, and really cares. As a priority before profits, in the food sector.

         After working at a few well known Health Business, as the Health coach and Manager, he saw to many times companies compromising quality and the health of the product. When he would question the boss he would hear " at the end of the day its a business". Avrohom couldn't stand it, people in the food business not prioritizing the customers' health. He decided to take things into his own hands, and do what he feels right. Avrohom went on to Create a company with exceptional customer service, healthy, high quality, healing food. A company that cares about the health of every customer and educates them how to take control of their health.

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