Kosher Sprouts and Salad Store 


Are you certified kosher?

Yes! Spreads N Sprouts is proud to be certified kosher. Avrohom Schwartz himself comes from a torah family, his father and grandfather are Torah scholars all their life . Avrohom himself works for the OU supervising 2 locations for the famous Patis, one of them being on Avenue M, and the other in times Square . Avrohom has a lot of experience working in Hasgacha, on a intermediate level. He is currently in a smicha program to become a Rabbi as well . Avrohom is working with the JSOR and Tartokov , to get both certifications. Purpose being, no matter what region your from you'll fell comfortable recognizing the certification. At the moment Rabbi Baruch Schwartz Shlita is being the Rav Hamachshir, and Avrohom is being the mashgiach. Rabbi Baruch, has earned his smicha from Rabbi Rabbi David Feinstein zl" and learned in MTJ ,for about 30 years. Everything is cholov Yisrael, Yoshen, and to the highest standards of kashruth, as a priority- just as your health first is our priority . Check out our  certification tab, to see our current certification

I understand you put a lot of thought and care into the ingredients you use, what else can you tell me to get me excited about this company ?

I have been around the block as they say, working in many food establishments, and what I have seen is without a background in health, people just don't realize how they endanger customers . Unfortunately being health department approved doesn't solve all the hazards. For example- I spent many hours sourcing a skillet 100% stainless steel with no coating, to make sure not only are my ingredients of the highest quality, but that I don't ruin them with toxic cookware.

Also, many people aren't aware of the dangers of plastic, aside from the micro plastics you hear about. The good news is at spreads n sprouts you don't need to worry of the harmful effects , as all of our disposable cups are compostable. They made from corn cellulose, and you won't be drinking plastic.We are moving towards being 100% plastic free, and its a work in progress. More on the matter.... As the interior of the shop is being redone, we are using non toxic paints, tiles and wall paper. All of these materials are very pricey and difficult to get ahold of , but your health, and the health of the environment is too important to me to think of building any other way.These as a few examples of the behind the scenes what we do.

What does it mean that you take extra care when formulating health products, give me an example?

Sure, many people eat tuna everyday, and everyone heard about the mercury in the tuna as well. Until now no one had any real solutions as it can be such a staple in peoples diet , and they aren't buying a can for $5 and making it at home. However when working in the high-end restaurant i realized if people are paying $14 for a tuna sandwich, i am able to use the tuna that is $5 a can with less mercury. Furthermore I add homemade mustard as a dressing and those who choose to eat it with the tuna, not only have delicious added flavor, but the selenium in the tuna binds with any remaining mercury so that it doesn't absorb in the body.

Are you gluten free?

Our facility is gluten free as there are no gluten ingredients ever brought in. However not all our ingredients we use are certified gluten free. Therefore, for non-celiacs that just like to stay off gluten this is a perfect fit, However if you are celiac, we are working to cater to your requirements as well. And is a work in progress, some of the products will say " Gluten Free" - that means all ingredients used are certified gluten free. Other products say "very low gluten". this is because the facility and ingredients used inherently don't contain gluten, however its not certified and there may be cross contamination before it got to us. Any questions always feel free to reach out we will respond as soon as we can.

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