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Knowledge You Deserve 

         Readers of the blog will find many times I don't source the studies or name the doctor when I write, and may wonder why not? The answer to that is many Medical doctors tried that, but you see with this kind of information your either fact-checked with an agenda or censored. Therefore I will take a new approach to get this information out to all of you. Aside from my disclaimer I'll say the following, nothing here on this blog for the most part will be backed up, I'm just talking off the top of my head, that gets rid of all the censorship and fact-checkers. And when you read the blog you'll ask yourself how does this information sound, does this make sense to me? This way I'll be accomplishing 2 very important things.
1. Giving over this information
2. Teaching you how to research, and to know when something feels and sounds right or not. We all know science can be falsified and manipulated there are many examples I'll give two.

There was a study that the sugar industry paid Harvard to do- to mask the ill effect sugar has on the body, and place the blame on red meat. They did so, and for decades people were misled by it. Because they trusted the science and threw out their inner knowledge. the inner feeling that tells you something is wrong. Another example. in one of the top medical Journals called the Lancet, there was a study that was published that was later retracted. The study was retracted because we learned that It was purposely done in a way to get specific results, and the conclusion was taken out of context. It was a real embarrassment to the Journal and all of medical science, how something like that can get through the pipeline. Published in the journal, passing over all those who are supposed to look at it. You can do your research on that. My point is that the people who were in touch with their inner knowledge all knew right away something was off and weren't harmed. But many people who just believe in the " Science " not understanding what's going on, were sadly misleading and many people were harmed.

     Whistle blowers are far from rare when it comes to this field, therefore we can't assume something is true, just because its " science ". Therefore as I started by saying I'll stick to staying out of the politics of it all and just deliver to you the knowledge you deserve.